Al-Khobar Kornich Landscape

Type Landscape
Location KSA - Al-Khobar
Date 2015
Site area 23,828 m2
Total floor area 2,743 m2
Storeys Bs+Gr+3
Structure Concrete
Estimated cost 30,000,000 EGP
Situation Under Construction

Scope of services

Scope of services
- Architecture
- Landscape
- Animation

In 2015, HANDASSIA has setteled a technical affiliation with LECO (Landscaping Wngineering Consultant Office) in Saudi Arabia to share the engineering experiences in designing projects in Saudi Arabia to get the maximum advanteges of the high qualified and economic engineering services from Egypt and the local experiences and relationships of the Saudi partner office.
In late 2015, HANDASSIA has participated in the design, presentation, and working drawings of the landscaping of Cornich Al Khobar project on a sea front of 100 meter width and with length of 3 kilometers, and was intended to be a public place for jogging, gathering, ceremonies, kids entertainment and for cultural open exhibitions.
Design concept was inspired of the two main elements of the project location sea and desert, as the floor patterns were an artistic simulation of sea waves and sand dunes in continuous curved lines starting from one end of the project to the other one, so all continuous lines with no intersections have motivated the sense of dynamism that encouraged the actions of jogging and running instead of stability.
The density of lines varied to form eleptical shapes of different sizes that enclosed the various activities of the project starting from the smallest gathering points and kids areas to the grand plaza creating a sort of design unit.


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