Kalba public park Landscape

Type Landscape
Location UAE - Sharja
Date 2015
Site area 23,828 m2
Total floor area 23,828 m2
Storeys Bs+Gr+4
Structure Concrete
Estimated cost 30,000,000 Egp
Situation Under Construction

Scope of services

Scope of services
- Landscape

In 2015, HANDASSIA has setteled a technical affiliation with KIERAN FRASER LANDSCAPE DESIGN (Austria) and SCAPEWORK (Germany) as a technical international consortium to design projects in the Arabian Gulf region in an ambitious concept to get the maximum advanteges of the Europian architectural concepts and the high qualified and economic engineering services from Egypt.
In late 2015, the consortium (HANDASSIA-KIERAN FRASER-SCAPEWORK) has won the international architectural bid for designing the public park of Kalbaa city in Sharjah in the United Arab Emirates. City Municipality (as the owner of the project) wanted to set new cocepts in designing the public parks other than the traditional parks with just cross passages and grass, and to be an architectural contemporary landmark that represents the UAE and reflects the rising architectural development in the region.
Desing was mainly inspired by the four surrounding factors of site: sky, city, sea and mountains. Land was divided into four quarters, each one represents a factor in abstract forms, in the mountains zone design took shape of contour lines and there were put stones for sitting and climbing, in the sea zone design took shape of waves and there were water features, in the sky zone design took shape of planets, and in the city zone it was planned like streets and clusters.
The concept of design is so flexible and it can be applied in tens of combinations and each time comes with a new design, beside that each quarter can be used separately as a park.


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