Engineers syndicate Social club Competition

Type Community
Location Egypt - Cairo
Date 2012
Site area 21,000 m2
Total floor area 16,000 m2
Storeys Gr+2
Structure Concrete
Estimated cost 35,000,000 Egp
Situation Completed

Scope of services

Scope of services
- Architecture
- Landscape

An architectural competition that was proposed by the Egyptian engineering syndicate to redesign its main social recreational club which is located in a very important location facing the Nile directly in Zamalek district in Cairo.
Design concept was inspired of the accumulated civilizations that have successed the Egyptian history as a longitudinal path walking throw the project. As the project location is strip shaped and with a limited area underneath the street level, designer proposed to double the used area by using the club building in two levels as the main activities were placed in the lower level facing the Nile covered with inclined roof to form a new connection between club and the street instead of the traditional fence, so club would be more community related by facing the street with an inclined greenerie with public sittings and an open view to the Nile, and in the same time the flat roof would be used for sittings and cafeterias behind a steel handrail.
Project was designed as three curved linear strips parallel to the Nile, club fscilities, main spine walkway (the narrator) and the open spaces for gardens, open sittings and kids playgrounds with its middle walkway.
Regarding sustainability, building was designed in the shape of gradual masses to enable cross natural venilation, and the large glass faceades were recessed under deep cantileverwere recessed under deep cantilever


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