Manarat Al Mostakbal Language School

Type k - 12 school
Location Egypt - Cairo
Date 2005
Site area 7,650 m2
Total floor area 2,743 m2
Storeys Bs+Gr+3
Structure Concrete
Estimated cost 30,000,000 EGP
Situation Built & Working

Scope of services

Scope of services
- Master planning
- Architecture
- landscape
- Interior design
- Structure
- M E P
- Project

A k 12 international school which is located in Mokattam city (suburban of Cairo city), on an area of 7600 m² and with more than 1750 student Our design team has tried to make a unique contemporary building that would be a significant land mark for the surrounding community.
The design has considered many aspects for the achievement of sustainability, functionality and modernism.
Using the sun breaker elements for the classrooms helped in decreasing the heat loads for educational spaces (in a city that heat temperature reaches the 48ºc), and also was a very important factor of preventing light glare which distract students, by letting light only to pass there without the direct sunlight.
The building was supported with three open atriums which work as lungs for the building. they, together with the corridor openings form a vital element of the natural ventilation and the suction process of hot air throw the atrium. As a lung for the building, the atriums were supported with greeneries which help in creating a fresh atmosphere for students, and also make a visual and color diversity in the atriums which work as gathering points for playing and performing activities.
Raising the ground floor of the classrooms wings has worked as shaded areas for students to gather and play under, and would be used as open classrooms in times of good weather, this also helped in connecting the open spaces of school (courts and playgrounds) with direct connection. The building has three wings, the wings (eastern, western) areas for the different educational spaces, the central building contains management
spaces, theater, library, and labs.
Using sun breakers as an architectural element with slight glimpses of oriental style that emphasized the contrast of void-solid of the facades. Recessed and exposed masses generated more shaded areas which decreased the heat load of external walls.
Manaret El-mostakbal international school was awarded The DesignShare Award 2005 (USA)


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