Al - Rowad School Campus

Type Institute
Location KSA - Riyadh
Date 1994
Site area 41,283 m2
Total floor area 13,165 m2
Storeys Bs+Gr+3
Structure Concrete
Estimated cost 45,000,000 Egp
Situation Competed

Scope of services

Scope of services
- Master planning
- Architecture
- landscape
- Programming

Located in Riyadh city in Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, and on an area of more than 40 thousand sq. meters taking a whole block of the district surrounded by streets from all sides. Owner of the project aimed to build a holistic campus that contains all needed facilities and activities for students and in the same time reflects the Saudi Arabian identity and architectural heritage and participates in developing surrounding community, simply it would look and act like an educational city.
To fulfill such requirements, the design has inspired the style of old Riyadh city buildings, palaces and castles, the Najdi style, with its thick walls, narrow openings, wind catchers and open courts. Such architectural elements play an important role in both achieving sustainability and emphasis of the architectural style in cities where heat temperature exceeds 50 degrees.
The project was separated into two schools, boys and girls, following traditions that are followed in Saudi Arabia. In the center of the project, together with the parking area situated the common buildings that are more related to the neighborhood community, such as mosque, library, multi-purpose halls and physical activities spaces.
The school buildings contained open courts, which classrooms are distributed around and oriented to the inside, and classrooms’ walls were recessed inside to make a shaded passage around the courts to help together with palm trees in moderating the outer rough climate.


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