Al- Azhar Institute

Type Institute
Location Egypt - Cairo
Date 1995
Site area 34,600 m2
Total floor area 13,220 m2
Storeys Gr+3
Structure Concrete
Estimated cost 25,000,000 Egp
Situation Completed

Scope of services

Scope of services
- Master planning
- Architecture
- landscape
- Programming

An Islamic high institutes campus for Islamic studies, subsidiary of Al Azhar University, which is located in a very remarkable location in Cairo city between the grand avenue of Salah Salem and Ahmad Said road.
The project has been changed a bit than its original design, but within the same style and elements. Design was inspired by the Islamic Fatemi style (style of Al Azhar mosque) in the openings› arches and fence, but in a modern way of creating abstract solids and voids.
Openings were shaded by shifting backwards in the high arcades and covered by a semi transparent wooden grid as an abstraction of Islamic ornaments.
Design was supported by a grand plaza just in front of the entrance and the bridge that connects the campus with the housing compound on the other side of the road.
As in all our designs, the design of the campus has considered sustainability aspects, using shadowed openings, open courts and cross ventilation to reduce heat loads and to naturally ventilate the building as much as possible.


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